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  • Your product reach out to Thousands of customers.
We process payments with Mobile Money, TipMe Liberia an external payments platform that allows you to process transactions with a variety of payment methods. Funds from  sales on Wissddom Commerce will be deposited into your TipMe  account.
Seller Monthly fees are billed for $19.9 USD. This fee is non-refundable and it is a requirement for selling on Wissddom Commerce .

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                                                Marketplace Seller Policy
Accurate listing: The Marketplace Seller agrees to accurately list
information and descriptions including, but not limited to, the proper
categorization of products, real photo, and description. The Marketplace
Seller also will not misrepresent different brands, publication of books,
or other information with the intent of misleading buyers to buy other
than what they are searching for.
Ownership of items: The Marketplace Seller warrants that the Seller is
the legal owner of all items listed in the Seller’s shops.
Checking for new orders: It is the seller’s responsibility to login and
verify whether or not new orders were received. Reliance solely on
automated order notifications and order files does not eclipse the
seller’s responsibility to login and verify the receipt of new orders.
Order confirmation: Orders will be confirmed no later than 2 business
days (excluding holidays) from the time they are placed. Orders that are
not confirmed within this time frame are subject to cancellation at
Wissddom Commerce discretion. It is the Seller’s responsibility to log in
to their account and verify that each order has been confirmed within 2
business days regardless of the method you use for confirming orders, or
the order will be canceled. Repeated neglect regarding order
confirmation could result in account suspension until the problem is
resolved. In extreme cases, account termination could result.
Order processing: The quick and accurate fulfillment of orders is
required within 2 business days of order confirmation. Marketplace
Sellers are required to log in to their accounts every day to check for
new orders. The minimum requirement for order processing is the
fulfillment of 85% of orders placed.
Cancellations: Orders that cannot be fulfilled must be cancelled within 2
business days. A refund must be issued immediately to customers who
have had their orders cancelled. An excessive amount of cancellations
may result in account suspension until any issues are resolved.
date. Any buyer who returns a product due to an error on the Seller’s
part (i.e., wrong item shipped, faulty packaging resulting in damage or
loss, item not as described, item shipped past deadline, etc.) shall not be
charged shipping, handling, or restocking fees and will be issued a full
refund. However, modest restocking fees no greater than 15% of item
cost may be charged when the reason for return is no fault of the Seller
(i.e., buyer changed his or her mind, buyer ordered incorrect item, no
enough reason for cancellation, etc.). Sellers may not impose additional
shipping fees for the orders were not fulfilled on their part. Buyers must
request permission to return an item within contact is made within 7
days of the order date.
Return rate: The return rate is calculated by dividing the number of
returns by the total number of orders placed. Excessively high return
rates could negatively impact a Seller’s account status. The target return
rate for all Marketplace Sellers is less than 12%. Marketplace Sellers that
have a significantly higher return rate than 12% may face account
suspension or other corrective actions.
Responsiveness to buyers: The Seller is expected to answer all
pre-purchase and post-purchase buyer inquiries in a timely manner
(within 48 business hours) and resolve all issues to the best of his or her
ability. Additionally, the Seller agrees to answer all communication
from Wissddom Commerce within 2 business days to remain in good
standing with Wissddom Commerce. Failure to do so could result in
account suspension or other actions.
Communication requirements: All sellers are required to list a valid
customer service contact. In addition, all sellers must include a valid
phone number. The phone number will not be shared with customers, it
is for use by Wisssddom Commerce only. All communication with buyers
and Wissddom Commerce is expected to be professional and courteous.
Any disrespectful remarks to customers and/or Wissddom Commerce
staff will be taken seriously and may result in a refund/cancellation of an
order, account suspension, or other action.
Feedback: Any manipulation of feedback is prohibited. Any replies to
comments left must be respectfully crafted in a professional tone. Any
attempt to bribe a customer to leave positive feedback will result in an
immediate suspension and possible termination of your account.
Absolutely no personally identifiable information may be posted. Thisincludes, but is not limited to customer’s name, address, other contact
information, as well as order number or other identifying data.
Violations may result in account suspension and payments held for 30
days. Wissddom Commerce has the final word regarding feedback and
any resulting actions.
Active TipMe account: an active TipMe account is a prerequisite for

participation on the Wissddom Commerce Marketplace.


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